The Turquoise Fellowship…

Dear Family and Friends,

All members and staff of ‘The 2011 Turquoise Fellowship’ have now arrived in Kathmandu. Sadly Colin is not here with us as he was forced to withdraw from the expedition 2 weeks ago. Fortunately we’re in possession of a cut out of Colin and this life size figure will be making regular guest appearances throughout the trip.

Colin – making a special guest appearance…
From top left – Annette, Graeme, Soren,  Tommo, Warren, Angel, Claudia, Lakpa S,  Louis, John, Lakpa T and Ang Kazi

We all gathered for a meal a local Korean restaurant last evening and this morning we left for Boudhanath and our first ‘Puja’.

All of our personal gear is now packed – and in addition we’ve already sent 2600kgs of group equipment and food ahead to the border….

Tomorrow morning, August 31st, we all jump on the bus and travel to the border with Tibet. Our first 2 nights will likely be in Nyalam, followed by 3 nights in Tingri and 3 nights at Chinese BC (the road head). We leave for Intermediate camp on September 8th and if all goes well we should arrive at Cho Oyu ABC @ 5700m on the 9th.




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