First trip to Camp 1

Dear Family & Friends,

The team is back in ABC having a well deserved rest day after a successful first load carry to Camp 1 @ 6400m yesterday. All members and our 3 sherpas made the trip to C1 and left a cache of food, sleeping bags, tents, stoves and gas canisters. The sherpas spent a couple of hours digging out tent platforms and the site is ready for our return tomorrow, September 15th. The plan is to spend 1 night in C1 and then climb ½ way towards C2 on the 16th and descend to ABC that afternoon.

Starting the climb to C1…..
John pointing at the infamous scree slope

Colin also came up to C1 – although he didn’t contribute much in the way of load carrying – and is in fact spending a couple of nights up there by himself…..


Meanwhile everyone’s busying themselves at ABC with various important and un-important tasks; the first shower in several days was a real treat for many (Warren, Graeme, Louis, Tommo, Neddy, Claudia & John) but there’s an increasingly isolated pocket of individuals who think wet ones and the occasional swipe with a deodorant is enough…

Our Argentinean genius Angel spent several hours fixing our dining room heater armed only with pliers, a cut up can of ‘Red Bull’, a few meters of electrical wire and a whole lot of patience.  What a legend!


Neddy decided to do some much needed laundry – in the snow…!

Claudia & John fired off a couple of emails and are planning to spend the afternoon watching movies.

All is well at ABC.


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