Dear Family & Friends,

During a recent and particularly wet period in Sydney, ABC local radio presenter James Valentine asked listeners to call in and complete the sentence; “It’s so bloody wet that…………”

The winning entry was;   “It’s so bloody wet that I just bumped into Harold Holt”.

While the weather up here hasn’t exactly been fantastic – it’s been cloudy and snowing every bloody afternoon… – there has never been any risk of ex-prime ministers suddenly floating down the glacier.

The weather this morning did look extremely promising for a while and we enjoyed clear skies and excellent views of Cho Oyu. Almost the entire route up the mountain was visible from base camp and snow conditions up high looked to be superb.

Of course as soon as I began writing this blog it once again started snowing.

That’s mountain weather for you….!

We’re all well and looking forward to returning to Camp 1 tomorrow and C2 the following day.


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