Final rotation

Dear Family & Friends,

As planned we returned to ABC yesterday after spending a night in C1 and a night in C2. At 7100m we didn’t exactly sleep soundly – in fact most of the night was spent tossing and turning trying to get comfortable while asking our tent buddy every hour or so how he/she was doing…. – but at least we all woke without any major headaches. A good sign at this altitude.

Claudia & Ang Kaji above C1
Ang Kaji & John on top of the Icewall







Warren, Louis & Tommo in C2 @ 7100m

Our 3 sherpas left early to do a load carry of 12 oxygen cylinders and 3 tents to C3 @ 7500m in preparation for our summit push and so after scoffing down some porridge and a cup of coffee we began our descent to ABC. Conditions were freezing initially, but it soon became incredibly hot and we were forever taking off/adding layers. The day finished with the usual snowfall…

While at ABC we’ll try and get an accurate weather forecast for the coming week so we can plan our summit attempt. Currently there’s a major depression in the Bay of Bengal that could potentially affect us so we’ll be laying low at here at 5700m for the next 36-48 hours.

After reviewing their progress on the mountain I advised Claudia and John to remain at ABC and not to attempt the summit.


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