Descent into Nepal…!

Dear Family & Friends,

Even our driver was muttering a continuous stream of prayers as we raced down the steep narrow gorge between Nyalam and Zangmu.

The smell of overheating brake pads was strong – no matter, just stop and pour water on the brakes, watch the steam rise and then onwards with the journey….

We arrived in time for breakfast and were immediately surrounded by young Tibetan/Chinese women wanting to; “Change money, Money change…?”

Border formalities didn’t take long on the Tibet side and soon we were back in Nepal. Nepalese citizens are now required to pay duty on items purchased in Tibet/China.  You’d think customs officers could spot a scam when 7 foreigners carry 25 mattresses across the Friendship Bridge into Nepal…?

The drive from Kodari back to Kathmandu seemed to take forever – the roads were jammed with locals returning home for the festival of Dassain (equivalent of Christmas).

We’re all trying to change our flights out of Nepal but it’s proving difficult and we’ve yet to decide on a Plan B – not a major problem as we’re quite busy eating our way through all the restaurants of Kathmandu.



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