The end of the Universe

Dear Family & Friends,

Who would have thought that it would take roughly 60 minutes from Kathmandu to reach ‘The end of the Universe’? At 2200m the view from this place in Nagarkot isn’t half bad and the mountains of Langtang dominate the skyline to the north and Everest is visible further to the east.

Careful…, big danger!” said the waiter at a local restaurant last night as he placed the bottle of beer and opener on our table before retreating a couple of steps. When Tommo opened it and the thing erupted the waiter simply shrugged; “Told you so….” and left..! They reckon at least ½ of the population of Kathmandu left town to celebrate Dassain and the situation is similar here in Nagarkot – the B crew is in charge. When we arrived at our guesthouse yesterday, we were greeted by a guy who immediately began telling us in a very tired voice; ‘how exhausted he was, how he was totally alone and by himself and how he just couldn’t cope…’ – “The kitchen is closed, no food….” he said shaking his head.  “How about a cup of tea then?” we wondered. “Oh, gosh, hmmm I guess perhaps maybe yes I could boil some water…” Well, only if it’s not too much trouble.

This human wet blanket is more than offset by the location and guesthouse itself, which consists of a series of houses/bungalows, scattered amongst the trees on top of the hill. We picked a house with 3 bedrooms/2 bathrooms + a common area.

More staff appeared on the scene this morning and we were able to order breakfast.

The plan for today is to do nothing.



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